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Wrist legend 5 beautiful big popular cartier bracelet

Le 22 September 2017, 13:51 dans Humeurs 0

In the summer when the thin dress is a big show can be a good season. Designers this season, the design of the popular big popular cartier bracelet, from the shape of flowers to metal modeling and other creative, breaking the traditional mens cartier bangle replica monotonous shape. At the same time, the overall shape is still a continuation of the previous season’s great exaggeration, let the accessories become the protagonist of the trend. Wrist legend 5 beautiful big popular cartier bracelet Xiao Bian Comments: Cartier used elegant yellow. Oval-shaped buckle showing a metal edge, reproduce the cartier flower-style decoration style. Each diamond has a metal-colored shell wrapped to set off the blue charm.

The combination of retro metal perfectly embodies Mr.


Cartier’s elegant high-level custom essence. Legend of the wrist 5 beautiful big popular love bracelets cartier copy Xiao Bian Comments: bring a series of rich and inclusive design of the works.


This cartier bracelet with a variety of mixed metal and quartz, crystal and pearls and other colorful elements, to show the city center of the original ecological feeling, and mature and exquisite residential area style. Legend of the wrist 5 beautiful big popular love bangle cartier copy Xiao Bian Comments: Bulgari is from Italy, the world’s third largest jewelry brand, has always inherited the founder of Sodilio Bugali ancient Greek-style jewelry design, 11 Year to continue to use the color and material of precious stones to the most vivid, to the world perfect show 11Astrale series of jewelry.


The new season jumps the color and full of cutting is amazing. Legend of the wrist 5 beautiful big popular love cartier bracelet copy Xiao Bian Comments: Fendi gold bracelet is very personalized, stylish luxury, very bright. Wrist legend 5 beautiful big popular cartier bracelet love copy Xiao Bian Comments: chain design is simple and very atmospheric, interlocking, neutral style full.

Cartier bracelet identification method to teach you scientific identification is not credulous rumors

Le 22 September 2017, 13:49 dans Humeurs 0

Simple and generous shape for the public favorite, in addition to beautiful, the faux cartier bracelet there is a good moral, because the materials are generally more valuable than the same quality pendant high. So kept in the interests of the chase, the market is also high counterfeit goods. So, Cartier bracelet identification method is what? imitation cartier bangle love identification method is what? Here we look at the next.



Xiao Bian for everyone to sort out a few about the way to identify true and false. Own identification copy cartier bangle true and false identification 1, too cheap, is unlikely to be true, first of all to understand this truth. 2, the world is not perfect, the perfect thing can be judged almost fake. If you find that you buy a bracelet is very transparent, and 1-2 thousand dollars can buy, it is basically can be judged to be fake.


The identification of the way to see the two defects in general A goods more or less will be a little impurity, if the internal clean, then the price is certainly quite expensive. And in general, A cargo Cartier bracelet prices are relatively high. Even if the impurities are many, opaque, the price should be at least more than 50,000. The color is rich, the type is also a lot, when you buy must be polished eyes, do not be confused by the surface phenomenon. The way to identify the four Cartier bracelet the better the texture of the Cartier bracelet, do not see the grainy or other impurities, people feel very round and bright, good texture imitation bracelet cartier love is also expensive, fake is the opposite. Light visual observation, delicate texture, soft colors, a slight impact, the sound crisp and sweet; hand weigh a heavy feeling, obviously different from other materials. When the sound of the Cartier bracelet to buy, “knock” is Cartier bracelet identification commonly used method, the Cartier bracelet hanging up, with agate stick gently tapping the natural, issued crisp and pleasant; beat the manual processing, issued Is a low voice. imitation bangle cartier error identification method.

28 years old, you married to those replica cartier love bracelet who desperately want to marry people

Le 22 September 2017, 13:46 dans Humeurs 0

replica cartier love bracelet gold the muddle to understand he said to take you all over the world all the delicious play all over the world you are shy to be shy to head full of joy to think that you will always be together 21 years old you are not the same lovelorn You’ve never been able to withstand the distance and the time of the test Cang break up you cry messy friends and family around you have to comfort you that they will one day you will meet that person, work together 24 years old your university Graduation of a person, holding a stack of resume shuttle in the sea of ​​people’s recruitment site you finally found a fairly satisfactory job into the workplace, you are busy bruised that the first time you fell silent love people already in your busy Work life was forgotten 25 years old your mother said that a woman over 25 can only be picked by others did not pick someone else’s sake you seven aunt eight aunt also came around to worry about your life events they said Girls are so good to marry well they say that as long as the married well after the rest of my life you do not have to worry about you listen to their nagging left ear into the right ear out you do not know how suddenly become a Everyone concerned about the 26-year-old people around you no longer care about your work, the annual salary they told you the most is that you should get married you look around friends also have a married or even have children finally, You are also followed by panic and sometimes you also want to find someone else casually make fun of doing so as long as you can see the eye as long as he is not too bad, you can not get through the bottom of my heart that you want to find you There is a feeling to find each other foollessly you say that person just did not appear but you know he came to you on the way you said as long as the insistence down as long as not sure will be able to wait until the love of the consensual fit you Your daughter is like a man you want to marry someone you can be too poor your dad nagging he did not have a formal job.


It is best to find a civil servant or teacher you aunt to persuade you to marry a big thing can not be fun and can not eat you suddenly find the marriage in front of your elders seem not many people in the His character is not how many people care about your feelings all the people first of all, almost all of the material and the feelings of some students do not bring things to death do not take away their eyes are sincere to say that is good for you They say that marriage is not a child all over the house they tell you bread than the Cartier love bracelet more important you cry, you trouble you you are also struggling to ask them to agree with you for you to do all he had never done before Things that before the elders in the past never dare to say that you suddenly no longer all eyes of the good girl you do not care that you encounter that really want to marry people will desperate you say that as long as love each other Not the problem 28 years old you finally married him Although some people still feel dissatisfied in their hearts but they still can not bend over you you are not you can not replace your life wedding, you look forward to each other deep cartier love bracelet sale replica Section to say “I am willing” you vowed to read the vow to say that the hands of the child, and the child together in your heart.



Only 29 years old you are pregnant you quit your job, peace of mind tires he changes every day to do what you love to squeeze out the time to accompany you to where you want to go to your pregnancy into a happy honeymoon your mother See him do not fall to accompany you pregnant carefully waiting for you to walk, accompany you to walk finally believe that a year ago to marry him is the right choice you dad see him after marriage you are better than before you see him into a pet The princess looks also began to rest assured that the son-in-law praise the 30-year-old daughter out of the house before he gave you a bouquet of blooming flowers kiss your forehead distressed to say that really hard wife you looked at him, watching her daughter laugh Out of a happy tears 31 years old, he began his own business busy all day busy though busy, although tired, but as long as the home to coax the child, change the diaper this thing he ran more diligent than you at home with your child, He is ready to steam the delicious food he is eating in the gap happy funny daughter with your parents in the short talk about some of the things you look at him eating rice watching his face infinite satisfaction expression looked at him when he saw her daughter Drowning Eyes 33 years old you have been at home for four years full-time wife for four years you look at him a man you have a fight you have panic, but also had to be ashamed of your distress a man rush to keep this family you guilty He is only occasionally to help him advice and no time to accompany him to experience the entrepreneurial road with all the bitterness and not easy to say that you are not easy at home with children he knows you actually more harder than he said he was raising their own love is happiness You are glad that he knows you is not easy he is glad that you are kind enough to understand.


his occasional bad temper 35 years old daughter to school for more than a year you every day in addition to the children to do the most nutritious to eat in addition to the transfer to her school also help him take care of the company One year he finally has a certain improvement in the year you finally have their own house, the car your day finally had better than expected in the 38-year-old you in addition to help him take care of the company also has their own one A small business and do it handy you earn a lot of money to the home to buy a lot of high-end atmosphere of the furniture of his career is also the day in your life is simply open Hanging you generally take her daughter a family of three large and small travel a lot of cities 40 years old beginnings the age of four words you actually began to worry about and his marriage because people say that men forty-one flower they advised you to see him , And seize the situation you are suffering for a long time he saw your restless laughs your old lady’s wife also worried that you later learned that in fact not all men married for a long time like Nianhuadao you find him or that he wholeheartedly cartier love bracelet for sale replica you, the guardian of his 45-year-old daughter to read high school you give up a daughter to give counseling homework he has a free to accompany you to the daughter of your school care, care of your family together to develop your daughter into a smart and sensible Big girl 51 years old daughter graduation you look at her because of looking for work and ran into the wall of the year in the talent market shuttle yourself you told her daughter just graduated do not rush into a down to the daughter to find a satisfactory job has a good salary you than she You are still happy 55 years old when you go away from the time to start wheezing to breathe the gas you look at the mirror how their feelings about what The old hair is also a bit white his body is still tough but no longer the kind of resistance when young do not pay attention to easily catch a 56-year-old daughter back to a boy said to marry him, would like to ask your opinion you Look at the cartier bracelet sale replica man, tell her daughter to marry this matter to comply with their own heart like the views of others, can only refer to you say no one has the right to decide who’s the second half of life in addition to your own character that the most important not too seriously material daughter nodded She said that he was like a dad as a good man daughter said she would like you forever.


gentle and virtuous she said they have to do like you and my father like a lifetime loving couple you laughed 57 years old daughter married you smile Crying his eyes he secretly wiped your tears for your baby sooner or later have to marry someone you look at the side of his suddenly remembered 27 years old regardless of all the opposition will be willing to marry him you you told him also Good that year you are so persistent to insist you say that you have never regretted to marry him these years he said you old woman how suddenly sour eyes have long been narrowed into a 59-year-old daughter with a child you Apart from anything else to help her daughter a feces a urine to pull the child never shout tired daughter for the first time when the mother, no experience often make yourself a mess you patience to comfort her daughter, to appease her occasional small emotions 63-year-old daughter’s children have To adapt to the life of kindergarten no longer crying daughter also adapted to the day when the mother is no longer upset impatient you finally idle at night, you learn other old lady to jump square dance he saw you jump next, also Chat with other old man after you go home and feel back pain you sigh that is really an old bones can not stand a little bit toss him without a word to rub your shoulders, hammer back you often lying on the balcony The rocking chair holding a heavy albums remember your past lying is a 72 years old you and his white hair day by day more and more dilute you wear reading glasses, struggling to lift eyelids looked at him almost bare The head, stunned God he talked to you you try to put up your ears but found that you have been more and more can not hear what he said you kept the medicine or even can not clearly think of those who do not need to take medicine in the end is What the 78-year-old you are lying in the hospital white flowers in the bed heard the hospital if there is no fruit water taste you struggling to open your eyes watching people around you look solemnly you see him tightly clutching Your hands face gully the same wrinkles in the shiny things that moment, you know that you can not close your eyes and slowly closed your eyes and cartier bracelet for sale replica a burst of bursts of bursts of breath in your last moments of life hard to think of this life you think of You have gone through the road, met people heart full of gratitude You are grateful 26 years old that year under no pressure in others to find someone will be a lifetime of your 27 years old you and his encounter grateful that year wore All the persuasion insisted that he never give up you grateful 28 years old married to desperate want to marry him you like you made a happy life.


you think of this life is no big ups and downs flat light you Bewildered to tell yourself everything is just thinking about you can not think of your mouth slightly up A look of kindly eyes closed your hands began to slowly cold until slipping from his palm fall Fall.

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