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Special gifts - Replica Cartier jewelry

Le 5 août 2017, 09:25 dans Humeurs 0

In the process of purchasing gifts, Santa Claus has been reading all kinds of materials related to China. He is more and more feel that the Chinese people great, especially the Chinese woman great. In China, people often say, "women bear half the sky." But he found that women up, perhaps not just half the sky. Unlike Japanese and Korean full-time housewives, Chinese women are going to work during the day and after a busy day, but also go home to cook, handle housework, take care of the Cartier love bracelet replica elderly, children and husbands at home. They may be during the day is a big voice of the bus conductor, at night became a gentle housewife; they may during the day in the office arrangements for subordinate work under the command if the evening around the apron under the kitchen ... ... Santa Claus, hard working Of the Chinese women ah, really worthy of our respect! What other special gifts to give them? Santa seems to think, can not think of the answer. He decided to find some old movies to see relax and relax. So he casually took out a dish, which is a 1961 filming old film, "Tiffany breakfast". In the film, the love of the trapped Audrey. Hehe dressed in a slim black, neck wearing a fake jewelry necklace, holding a bag of lap to stare at the New York Fifth Avenue Tiffany store glass window World: it is a world with a real jewelry necklace and Tiffany breakfast, a happier, more luxurious, more brilliant world, can she really get it? Even if she is willing to do so, the other Tiffany longing will be so lucky? Hepburn's biography later wrote: "Audrey has an angelic character, she does not want to be superior, but from the inside to show the look, energy and light, people can not stand still." And "the only can cover over Tiffany Jewelry light is Audrey. " Looked at this movie, Santa Claus was inspired - why not choose a Tiffany product for Chinese housewives? He opened the site to open Tiffany's home page, find their choice is very reasonable: as long as a woman, it will love jewelry; as long as the jewelry is good, it will certainly put it on Tiffany's products. Tiffany, always with love and beauty Cartier love ring replica, romance and dreams as the theme, full of functional beauty and soft slender sensibility, to meet all the world's women's fantasy and desire. Whether it is jewelry, watches, personal accessories or household goods, with the highest quality materials and classic design and manufacture of generous, taste over the public, timeless. Santa Claus learned more about the history of Tiffany, he found that even his own can not help but fall in love with Tiffany: In 1837, Charles Lewis Tiffany, son of a miller of the United States in Connecticut, came to Broadway in New York and opened an obscure little shop, operating stationery and fabric, Jewelry. The first day of sales only nearly $ 5, but soon, he will rely on a unique work, so that New York's rich and famous celebrities were dumped, In 1861, just took office of Abraham. Lincoln went to Tiffany for Lady Mary bought a pearl necklace, brooch, etc., so she was in the presidential inauguration dinner to wear. Since then, other US presidents and foreign heads of state have followed suit. In 1877, in South Africa Gambali ore field to the world's largest and most perfect yellow diamonds. In 1878, Tiffany bought this yellow diamond, cut it into 90 diamonds, as if like a group from inside to outside the burning flame, bright. In 1886, the famous Tiffany six claw mosaic method available, immediately become an engagement diamond ring mosaic of international standards. In the 1950s, sterling silver screwdriver keychain became Tiffany's classic, its lines are simple, gorgeous and practical, has always been the most popular gift to share. In 1961, by the Hepburn starred in the "Tiffany breakfast" swept the world, as the American film in the classic, and Tiffany in the Replica Cartier jewelry film, so that this world-class jewelry store noble style spread throughout the world. In 1999, Tiffany launched an exclusive design of the new diamond cutting method and mosaic method, a sensation, Tiffany engagement diamond ring once again shine. ... So, Santa Claus rushed straight to the Tiffany store.

Bvlgari is now the world’s leading jewelry brand

Le 4 août 2017, 21:08 dans Humeurs 0

If the world’s favorite jewelry brand which is. I will not hesitate to choose Bvlgari. Exaggerated design style, luxurious decoration, always able to seize my preferences. This is also a reason I have always loved to wear Bulgari jewelry.

Bulgari jewelry has a very important trait, each series of jewelry design is from the female point of view, so it also led to the difficult to buy Replica Bvlgari Jewelry. This also better protect the Bulgari The brand value.

Bvlgari B.ZERO1 necklace pink gold paved with diamonds pendant CL857025 replicaBvlgari Serpenti Bracelet white gold Double helix Covered with diamonds BR855118 replica


Speaking of Replica Bvlgari Jewelry, will certainly think of China, China will flow out of a large number of Replica Bvlgari Jewelry every year in recent years with China’s development in China has been difficult to find Replica Bvlgari Jewelry. Chinese people more and more compliance with intellectual property The More of the production of their own brand. Which also led to the market is difficult to find Replica Bvlgari Rings.

If Bvlgari Jewelry is designed to represent this woman. The Bulgarian ring represents the peeing woman. Opportunity Every successful lady will have a Bvlgari Rings.Bvlgari Rings with so many features, suitable for any temperament of the girls, can be worn on numerous business gatherings, and can be used with a variety of dress. So this chicken brother together with the achievements of the achievements of the Bvlgari Rings position.

Bvlgari is now the world’s leading jewelry brand. Not only the production of jewelry, but also the production of per

cartier men’s diamond ring Do you wear it?

Le 4 août 2017, 15:52 dans Humeurs 0

Now men’s diamond ring style more and more now young people like to buy their own a ring cartier replica, but the men’s diamond ring wear different can highlight a man’s life, but also to see whether a man is single, cartier men’s diamond ring Do you wear it?


cartier love ring men replica are generally worn on the left hand, one is whether the Western traditional habits of the left hand shows God gives you the luck, or according to the traditional Chinese male left female right, men’s rings are worn On the other hand, men in daily life contact more physical activity, and most people used right hand, if the cartier ring copy to wear the right hand, dry will be very inconvenient, and the ring is easy to deformation or even be Damage, so the general men will wear a diamond ring on the left hand.


In fact, the cartier ring diamond replica and there is no fixed law, but wearing different fingers will show a different style, or show the different personality of men. Like in the costume drama, we often see the emperor or dignitaries, the jade ring wear on the thumb, which is a symbol of power and status, but in general we generally do not wear this, the event will be very inconvenient , And the diamond ring is not suitable for wearing on the thumb. In modern times, the most formal wear of men is wearing the cartier ring on the middle finger, and the more trendy wear method is to wear the diamond ring on the index finger, so feel more personal claims.


As for the left hand of the ring finger, we all know that this root refers to wearing a men’s diamond ring is a symbol of marriage. But why do you want to wear on the left hand ring finger on the left hand there is a straight through the heart of the blood, known as the “love of the pulse”, the diamond ring worn on the ring finger on the warmth of this love can be from the fingertips Into the heart of the field. And ring finger itself is relatively slim, no matter what replica cartier ring love, wear are very delicate look very nice.

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