Jinbian diamond, black horseshoe for the jewelry gives sexy curves. Let’s take a closer look at the latest Hermes Jewelry Repicas season series jewelry design, designed by France Shangju Zi Pierre Hardy. In equestrian sports seasons prevailing theme this season jewelry design inspiration from the mining and horseshoe whip. These energetic powerful image is cleverly integrated into the jewelry which, draw the line properly, making jewelry in the shape slightly domineering show extreme elegance, with our “yin and yang of Health, compared the strength” concept coincide.

Fouet has a whip-type platinum necklace, with graceful curves, surfaces inlaid with 3669 diamonds, shiny, worn on the neck, vivid sultry. Strings of small tail whip drill from the shoulders drooping naturally. “Platinum and diamond necklace Fouet simply seamless.” This text is a chapter on its evaluation of the press, we can see not our subjective rant: “It abandoned the strong arm, into a sparkling chain, gentle site fell on the delicate skin. this necklace is not strong, but with its sexy makes you naturally conquered by it. everything has a different side, after the conversion angle, whip tame down, turned into a charming force ‘pleasure’ is a word not enough to express this feeling, this is a humorous saying. “gorgeous rock. There is no pun.

Hermes Leather Jewelry  has brought us pleasure also diminished. The central portion of the ring is a shiny black jade horseshoe, hoof facing up, then under the small circle of diamonds, the bottom is the bottom ring rose gold shining, brilliant gloss shine on the black jade horseshoe above it. Hermes Clic H Jewelry studded with fine diamond horseshoe necklace and bracelet surrounded, in a gesture of flying around the top of the neck and wrist.

“The world’s most expensive luxury fun shop,” It is widely believed Helmut Newton is Hermes Jewelry Knockoffs should be referred to here. I will think so far-fetched? And when you see Pierre Hardy designed haute bijouterie latest series of jewelry in Fouet and Centaure two models, you will readily agree with that statement. Pierre Hardy in addition to jewelry design, but also good at designing shoes.