Any watch need to be maintained, maintenance can not only make your watch to extend the service life. But also because it is too dirty, give you the effect of wearing greatly reduced. Then CK watch how to maintain it?CK watch should be how to maintain    CK hand watch case, watch table to be regularly clean, washable with warm water. Sweat, dirt, etc. will corrode the appearance of the material, and can cause individual skin allergies. New to buy the CK hand watch to tear off the protective cover on the back cover, otherwise the sweat Cartier love bracelet replica will remain in the middle of the corrosion after the cover. CK hand watch to avoid contact with a variety of chemicals, once encountered, to be promptly cleaned, so as not to cause the coating discoloration, loss or other losses.CK Hand watch strap maintenance:    First, CK watch strap to avoid contact with moisture and moisture to prevent discoloration and deformation.    Second, CK watch strap to avoid long-term exposure to the sun, to prevent fading.    Third, due to CK hand watch strap cortex easy to penetrate, avoid contact with oil or cosmetics or cosmetics.CK hand watch regular maintenance:    First, the CK hand watch table once a year waterproof test and appearance cleaning.    Second, the mechanical movement of the CK watch, every 3 to 5 years to do a machine maintenance.    Third, this will not only keep the watch in a good running state, but also effectively extend its service life. But the above maintenance service is only applicable to the general wear of the watch, not included in the normal wear or subject to constant impact, such as the watch.Newly bought watches because the length of the strap often need to adjust the problem, because the watch is a very critical part of the watch, decided to wear a comfortable watch, and watch the safety. Casio watches are often taken to the repair point to disassemble, in fact, not so difficult. Here to introduce how to correctly remove the Casio watch bracelet.    Casio strap detachment strap section is directional, generally in the strap is an arrow to indicate the direction between the staircase between the stripes out, not anti, the direction of installation and removal of the opposite direction. Casio strap to remove the buckle with the buckle that Cartier love ring replica short (short that cut) should always be above the watch (when the watch is looking, the table in the right). Straps do not like people’s belt, the installation orientation is prescribed.    Metal Casio strap removal method is, when the watch spread out, the strap on the discount letter or logo and dial to the same, if it is reversed, that is, Can use the thumb to open the clasp on the right, butterfly buckle can only see whether the logo and dial is a smooth. Strap anti, open and close must not easily.    There are discounted Casio strap removal method, because there will be a lot of holes on the side, used to adjust the length of the strap. In the indentation of the strap, but also pay attention to the clasp adjustment section (indent and release) should not be indented which strap to close the axis of the plane. So that the clasp will form a lever, so that the strap is very easy to be opened, it is easy to lose the watch.    Metal Casio strap to remove the strap section, it is best to double the number of go, and must be clasped around the uniform unloading. So as to ensure that the clasp is centered, wearing only comfortable, especially the wrist more fine ladies, in the band to pay more attention to this issue.    Casio strap removable space-time strap strap and section of the bolt, generally with the so-called “hairpin bolt.” Easier to loose and sprang, and solid core strap with a piercing screw or bolt to connect the strap section, a long time may also be sprang, so be sure to check regularly. Casio strap detachment can be used to push things out of the needle-like things, if a pincer on the out, that is already loose. If the Casio strap is disassembled, it will reveal signs of being exposed. Some watches in particular love this problem, it is recommended Cartier nail bracelet replica every 7-8 years, to replace the case with the bolt, that thing is very cheap. With the best screwdriver when installed touch the oxidized rubber, in order to ensure its solid.    In addition, the watch should pay attention to the removal of the watch on the top of the small parts, or lost it is difficult to find, the method is in the demolition can be placed in a small plastic bag. Of course, if the novice is not confident, or can get the watch repair point to deal with.Watch dial refers to the dial on the watch to display the relevant data, also known as “surface”, is the most direct use of the wearer and watch the watch when the function is good part. Watch dial clean and clean can most directly affect the wearer’s favorite degree and mood. If you encounter the watch dial into the gray how to do it?    Watch the reasons for the table into the gray is usually the following: First, the use of the process into the dust, the watch is not closed, usually not into the ash is the water; the second is the factory before entering the dust, Not from the outside, is caused by internal wear.    The watch into the dust inside the dial is usually due to a long time to wear the process of gradually infiltration. If only to enter the fine dust, without affecting the appearance and use of the case, there is no need to clean it. But if you enter the watch dial is a hair or acrylic fiber, etc. have a certain length of dust, you need to pay attention, because such dust is likely to cause the operation of the parking card movement. In this way, we have to immediately go to a professional maintenance point to clean up, clean up to take into account the problem of re-sealing. Need to have an agreement with the maintenance point, otherwise, in order to clean up and lead to damage to the watch waterproof, dustproof function is not worth.    The last watch the home tips no matter how superior quality of the watch can not be separated from maintenance, only to get a good maintenance of the watch will be better for our service!