Cartier is a century-old. Born in the middle of the last century, the founder was a young man named Louis-Francois Cartier, full of passion, love of craft work and his keen business skills.

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His National Taiwan of a mechanic under Adolphe Picard, which is a reserved man, a lifetime dealing with jewelry, no son or daughter, one day he called Cartier to his side, he said, he will one day soon in the world, hopes Mr Cartier took over after the death of his jewelry shop. Before long if left alive, Cartier officially took the jewelry workshop, and was called to “Cartier”. A ring from the century old brand was created.


Cartier took over, counting from the date of, planning the development of a series of lines – a rich man’s business. Take a noble line, consumer groups the main royal, noble and wealthy man. These people often are able to participate in the salon, comparisons of prevailing winds. Jade jewelry watches and so on, are a very large demand.


In terms of quality, Cartier, pursuing excellence. Only the best things can last and hotly sought after. So he used precious stones and fine polish, one by one, like the art displayed in the shop, attracting many people stop to watch, and Ooh’s admiration. Abnormal number of people in the beginning, but very few can not afford to buy. So he thought to borrow my new gem called bobby g noble, early women grew up in his family, beautiful flowers, is the party’s most prominent women.


Paris at that time, Napoleon III’s ruling, after some turmoil, Paris’s former glitz weather, luxurious atmosphere prevails. Daily there are many party feast for aristocratic royal rich people pleasure, well-dressed, wearing expensive jewelry, shifting between the different partners, this way. Bobby g Miss Sapphire necklace, caused a sensation in the ball. This method really has the finishing touch effect. Cartier jewelry is fired first. Many dignitaries as his customers, even Napoleon III also are fond of his jewelry and ordered Cartier to send their most satisfying work to the palace, and left to choose from.


Napoleon effect is the Cartier to a distance. Cartier went to cast a stone in the pond, was suffused with ripples rippling even arrived in Russia, and India and South America. European countries are given to him by royal warrant. Including King Edward VII, he is very solemn invitation to the Cartier, asked to make 27 Crown for Crown purposes. Cartier was dedicated, the crown was later crowned as “Jewelers of the Emperor, the Emperor’s Jewelers”.


Napoleon’s young cousin Princess Mathilde of Cartier love plus, on various public occasions shows his special affection for Cartier clock, when it comes to Cartier, jewelry in this magnificent work of art, suddenly became excited. In her appeal, down, Cartier naturally sharp growth. Certainly, in short supply. Cartier’s reputation in 1859, he moved his shop to the most fashionable area of Boulevard does Italiens in Paris, 9th.


There is a rich man’s paradise, where Mr Cartier exceptional design talent and attract the attention of Queen Eugenie, and became his loyal fans, Cartier has a new piece, Queen’s first time to see Eugenie, met a few, would not hesitate to buy. Queen’s bridge, Eugenie, Cartier was introduced to the then very famous international fashion designers worth their Queen’s offers one jewelry accessory, a stylish clothing. Two brief encounters, then began a long-term cooperation between the two families and finally into in-laws, became a much-told story.


After Mr Cartier married, technology transfer to son, Alfred, and asked him to participate in business partners, train him, excellence in skills, taught him how to work in business management, Alfred does not lose his hope, show business talent, Cartier safely handed over to him, they peacefully enjoy their twilight years.


In 1899, the efforts of his son Alfred, Cartier brand has been developed, has taken an important step, the store moved to high commodity Centre Rue de la Paix, Paris 13th, there is rich people stop in place. And began to attempt to watch something, he believes that everyone will have a watch. And the true throne of this brand of luxury, in 1904, Cartier Santos made a gold watch, an old friend, impressed the unprecedented concept and modeling of society at that time. Especially in 1907 Dumont set a flight record, breaking the old record of 22 seconds and 220 meters. When he stepped off his “14 bits” aircraft, when they saw he was reading on the wrist watch. This watch is in 1904 Cartier made for Santos, an old friend of the gold watch. From then on, Dumont’s admirers are all anxious to have a watch and are open the road to Cartier’s exquisite Haute Horlogerie.


In this way, step by step, Cartier with its great design talent and superb quality became officially the United Kingdom Royal jewellery supplier, behind the winning aura enables Cartier to go beyond other jewelry brand, one of the upper-class pet, and enduring.


With the increase of business and international operations is very active. Cartier’s two sons from their careers to get out, father’s hard to save the foundation, they also join the Cartier brand. Many brothers work together in order to jointly develop the Cartier’s business. As small children grew up in the old art of Cartier, nature has a natural sensibility in art. In the on-site shop yinglaisongwang the distinguished guests at the same time, “conquest and capture more people” bred and spread ideas in their hearts. Their travels enrich themselves artistically, constantly collecting valuable design elements all over the world, feel around the artistic charm has also been inspired by nutrients. And just trying to open up the situation in other countries. Right in 1902 and 1909, Cartier established a branch in London and New York, respectively, further lay a Cartier high culture.


In this way, handed down from father to only two generations. Cartier became the most famous jeweler in the world. Gorgeous view.


To Cartier’s third generation they are outstanding, not business as usual, as with the parents, not content with simply gorgeous shop distinguished guests, they continue to travel around the world and found Jane adventures. Pierre went to Russia, searching for the finest exquisite jade enamel and carved animals. Jacques went to the Persian Gulf to find perfect pearls; he also travelled to India, the local king beautiful jewellery back to the London studios, redesigned decoration brothers partnership from India where Prince purchased a large quantity of pearls gems. Eldest son Louis is a talented designer, revolutionary, he was used in a jewelry set in platinum. Cartier was Russia, and Egypt, Persia, and France to Paris steeped in a culture of, especially of oriental inspiration inspired by geometry of a completely abstract designs, characteristic of exotic culture expressed through special channels.


Cartier brand that, from generation to generation, generation over generation out, amazing. Cartier brand now enjoys its own absolutely unique style, attracting consumers. As a luxury brand in the market, particularly leaders in the field of jewellery, watches and clocks, with its wealth of expertise and experience, in every important historical moment occupy an important position.


Up to now, Cartier trademark on five continents with more than more than 200 boutiques and unique distribution network. Whether fine jewelry or watches, Cartier products all based on excellent craftsmanship, expertise and unique style, passing the exclusive brand of aristocratic values.


Originating from generation legend 150 years ago, spread so far, continuing in the field of luxury exudes a matchless charm, writing a successful history of attracting world attention.


One step at a time, Cartier with its great design talent and superb quality became officially the United Kingdom Royal jewellery supplier, behind the winning aura enables Cartier to go beyond other jewelry brand, one of the upper-class pet, and enduring.