Generally jade Guanyin pendant price is how much
Question: I want to buy a jade Guanyin pendants give it, it is the price?

Best answer: you can refer to the following price of jade Cartier love bracelet replica Guanyin pendant:

1, Goddess of Mercy face, carved exquisite, hand-held beads, sitting on top of the lotus, a symbol of demand, dignified and generous Glass species, as the name suggests is like glass, translucent, the quality is very delicate, dense crystal particles, is the best in the emerald. Reference price: more than 100000.

2, transparent colorless, sparkling so that the pendant is full of life Guanghua; condensate Jieyu, no complicated carving, but more to highlight the natural Smart beauty; Buddha according to the body of intelligence, from the compassion, With their chance, bitter and happy, wear, you can be free, no barrier. Reference price: more than 100000.

3, Guanyin since ancient times is the embodiment of the rescue, By Goddess of Mercy to pray for you, bless your life safe. Reference price: more than 100000.

4, delicate and delicate oil, carved a gesture of God Guanyin. Guanyin sitting, the law phase dignified and elegant, delicate and delicate, with no exposed, full shape rounded, elegant and elegant to wear, the Goddess of Mercy for the peace of mind to bring a good image of the full performance of the two,
Q: Recently want to buy a pearl necklace, which colors are available for selection? Is there a black pearl? Which color is better?

According to the difference in pearl body color, we usually pearls are divided into three groups, namely: light group, black group and colored group, light group of pearls is the most common, silver white, milk white, Porcelain white, white rose, pink, yellowish;

Black pearls are pearls of dark and dark tones, such as black, blue, gray, brown, black, dark green, dark brown, purple and bronze. Such pearls due to the origin is relatively small, long-term has been relatively rare varieties of pearls;

Some of the pearls of colored groups are neither light nor dark, but have other colored pearls. Such as tin gray, green, blue, purple, purple, golden and so on. Such pearls are not common, but because of its color is not rich, the lack of fascinating charm, so its market price is not necessarily higher than the light group.

Answer: pearl color choice is not what is good or bad, mainly to see personal preferences, such as silver and white commonly known as “silver skin” is the most loved by the people of color; followed by commonly known as “beauty drunk” pink, But also by the people’s favorite. Black pearls because of the relatively scarce, so relatively more expensive than other pearl varieties.
Q: Recently want to buy an emerald bracelet, do not know what color to choose from? What color is better?

1, bright green, transparent to translucent, green pure, uniform, bright; 2, Yang Qiao green: green bright and bright, delicate and beautiful, the color of the green jade, Pure, 3; light green: micro-transparent to Cartier love ring replica translucent, green light and clear, pure; 4, light green: green light and uniform, better transparency. Which is a valuable green varieties.

Other colors: in the jade jewelry in many colors to red, green, purple three-color-based, they are emerald in the high-end color, especially in the most green and beautiful green. Excellent emerald with pure and rich green. And requires color saturation, moderate brightness. If the color can reach the green, it would be better. So when the purchase of jade jewelry, or recommend the choice of superior green, green is relatively pure, uniform, bright, the value is higher.
Question: Want to buy a piece of Hetian jade, but now the market price varies, if you buy it, how to judge its price inappropriate?

Best answer: you can according to the size of the shape of the material to determine the price of Hetian. First say size. 10 grams of the following material utilization of the smallest. Generally also to be a bracelet, necklace, mobile phone pendant. With the increase in the value of the use of the value of the material and the corresponding increase began. But the use of value to a certain extent continues to increase but the value began to decline. How much is this range? If the experience is greater than 500 grams to 1000 grams or more, the unit price will drop. Why is this so? For the following reasons:

1. Hetian jade in terms of the essential characteristics, is still more suitable for carving small works, you can small works reflect the big theme. Big theme works and field seed material jade carving on the relatively less.

2. 200 grams of the following things can be done with jade, 500 grams or less can be placed in the palm of your hand or put the desk to play. And more than 1000 grams of jade pieces are not suitable for playing.

3. The market is the degree of acceptance of the price, if the jade material is too much to buy from the relatively few people, if the business will be tempered to buy pressure will have pressure.

Say the material type, in general, is the brand shape of the most expensive material Followed by a drop, followed by a cylindrical shape, the worst is a round pimple shape.

Buy the principle of the material is not afraid to buy expensive afraid of buying the wrong I wish you all can buy your favorite material.

Answer: Hetian jade price is based on the level of Hetian jade to decide. Hetian white jade grade points about what:

First, the whiteness level enough: whiteness for the white facade, it can be said that the whiteness is the surface of white jade, the relative smoothness of the inside of the white jade, and “table in one” time, this match with jade. Whiteness level in the white is very important, but it should be “pleasing to the eye” have a deep understanding, because only pleasing to the eye, it is more able to interpret the beauty of white jade, and not just white to the pleasing to the eye, such as pale, pale, gray and so on Is not pleasing to the eye, such as white, silver, white and white, it is more pleasing to the eye, with a little bit of green or with a little yellow, we are regarded as white jade, because pleasing to the eye. Like a beautiful woman, wearing a little light with a little blue color of the Seduction, will feel more elegant and moving, more immersive beauty.

Second, the liquid of jade liquid run enough enough: this is very Cartier nail bracelet replica important, the degree of wet signs for the white, since ancient times there are gold fine jade liquid, beads round Yu Run’s talk, it is the natural wetness of white jade, so that the spread of the millennium, inherited future generations. (1) whether the delicate jade: visual and feel feel “like snow” as comfortable, only the beauty of the skin and children’s face was fit, is soft and beautiful feeling. (2) the proportion of jade pattern: jade pattern commonly known as the “water line”, the less the better jade pattern, only one or two, not to mention, if the chaos scattered around, there is damage to jade jewelry phase concerns, if Jade pattern a lot, but only a small part or part of the local, not only can become evidence of jade, but also increase the vivid beauty. (3) the proportion of jade flowers accounted for: Yuhua more or scattered messy, will destroy the jade phase, a direct impact on the price of jade.

Third, the impurities are much: the number of black spots or white points, the general pattern of jade and jade is the texture of the changes, and black spots and white spots are white impurities, and texture changes only caused by the level of goods , And impurities as much as possible without the best, there is little or no relationship, but more, it affects the quality of jade.

Fourth, jade surface cracks: cracks will directly affect the value of jade, to pay more attention.

Fifth, the jade body of the block: the value of a jade will involve all kinds of factors, in the same jade, the chunk is more unique advantages.

Six, white leather: autumn pear skin, red dates, are Hetian jade varieties.