I am a very favorite collection of jewelry, so many years of collection of a lot of classic jewelry. Such as Cartier, Bvlgari, Hermes. Are my favorite. To say my favorite jewelry, it must be Cartier Love Bracelet. This is a very stylish bracelet, has always been my favorite. In many magazines we can see this bracelet figure. And 2017 Cartier will launch a new bracelet.

cartier love bracelet yellow gold plated real with screwdriver replica

This piece of sapphire ring comes from Cartier 2017 Cartier love bracelet series of fine jewelry, the designer through the mosaic of purple sapphires, pink diamond and diamonds three different colors of gems, imitation Cartier love after bloom from deep purple to light purple, and finally turned white Different flowering, full of natural poetic.

Replica Cartier Love Bracelet Central main stone for a 14.37ct pillow-shaped purple sapphire, rich and deep color. This purple sapphire in the pillow-shaped cut on the basis of the fancy cutting, Zhuo surface more, so darker gem more bright.

The main stone on both sides of the two half-moon emerald, so that the entire ring form a rounded arc – this “three stone” design in the Victorian period is particularly popular, emerald and sapphire to form a soft color contrast.

Replica Cartier Love bracelet geometric decorative patterns reminiscent of the passage of time, mosaic size gradually round cut diamonds, from the top of the deep pink diamonds transition to light pink, the edge is inlaid colorless diamonds. The name of the ring Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow are the different colors of Jasmine “Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow”.