As early as thousands of years ago the roses with its unique fragrance and beauty, is regarded as the love of Aodit's token, fixed for the symbol of love. Although the flowers are easy to withered, can be made into bright jewelry, not only do not have emotions, but also indicates that love forever. Woman flowery, in the ecstasy of the moment, fragrant overflowing, refreshing. Rose, contains too many women for the self, for the love of vision and inner description, knockoff cartier nail bracelettender and beautiful, moving, beautiful ... ... Gems turned out of the tender and beautiful gesture of roses, bright gemstones into a flower in the crystal of dew drops, shine. Each of the tender and beautiful roses, all have a remarkable curve, rose petals taste a highlight of each gem of light. She was very shy to slowly start the diamond inlaid petals, such as the real rose in full bloom. Rose, everything is only love for life, the combination of jewelry and roses.