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In the “Historical East and Vietnam Biography” mentioned in: “Please Dong’ou nationwide resettlement China.” “China” in the name of King Wu of the Western Zhou period means “Middle Kingdom.” According to legend, 3000 years ago, Duke in Yangcheng (now Henan Dengfeng) measure the sun’s shadow, summer solstice day at noon, eight feet around the table at the scene did not shadows, they think this is the center of the earth, so that the “Chinese” .


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Jewelry designer Ji Yao · Brochard said: “I’m going through modern luxury jewelry designed to capture the charm and essence of five thousand years of Chinese art and culture.” Fashion guru Giorgio Armani said: “China is full of amazing magic place, for us Westerners, it has a mysterious attractive to China, you will find it beyond our wildest dreams, and thus illustrate how limited our imagination. ”


China, the most representative of the country of the oriental culture, there are too many to explore the essence of worth, there are too many marvelous will become the fashion world, such as replica Van Cleef & Arpels fake jewelry

.China red


To the glorious and long history of Chinese cultural expression in high esteem, replica Van Cleef & Arpels Jewelry Carefully selected to bring a touch of superior gem full of eye-catching red Chinese complex, create Red series jewelry collection. Unique Magic Alhambra themed boutique, in different sizes style interpretation of the classic image of the four-leaf clover again, luxurious pink k gold edge of each petal modified Clover, sketched out with carnelian, coral and white mother of pearl made delicate petals, shades of red charm made it impossible not to revel in it brings good wishes; Pétillante theme design treasures places a circle of sparkling ruby and diamond, a symbol of celebration for the wearers to drive away troubles and bad luck; there Feu d’artifice series and Théodora series, the Chinese people a better vision of the red sublimate artistic creation, these classic styling show people good luck rich abundance expectations and pursuit.


In fact, as early as 1925, fake Van Cleef & Arpels replica Jewelry Launched a series of four brilliant surprise oriental style works, including lacquered and inlaid onyx pendant watch accessories, and decorated with red, The dragon patterns of cigarette boxes, and has at the time of its extraordinary creativity ingenuity and technology and won countless praise eyes. Oriental Zen reflected in the limited space, emphasizing the beauty of harmony, showing reverence for nature and Oriental Heaven yearning.


Chinese dragon


“Dragon” is a kind of good Chinese culture change, Hing clouds and rain, which benefits all things miraculous creatures, from green to royal jewelry tripod decoration dragon shape as a decoration, can be traced back to the Shang Dynasty. Long, in an extraordinary breadth of momentum, led us across thousands of years of history of the River “dragon culture”. In our culture, and clothing, jewelry culture has always had an important position. Chinese dragon in the historical picture of the long millennia have experienced the rise and fall, suffering, and now Qianlong off in the cartier love bracelet Kiss of the Dragon series, noble black and red strong contrast to the extreme exoticism, introverted design style, could not conceal the dignified atmosphere. Kiss of the Dragon series of rings, modern way with post-minimalist design, reminiscent of Alondra grip beads image.Cartier Replica Jewelry Millipede dragon-shaped bracelet with smooth lines sketched out Denon freehand charm, sophisticated modeling features dragon-shaped rather Wei and Jin Dynasties.


Dior Joaillerie Australian black opal diamond necklace, Alondra grip an extremely rare Australian black opal, iridescent colors and ruby inlaid eyes gives magical dragons look, behind Long hollow design allows the light to pass therethrough, so that the whole necklace carved crystal. There are the same series of pearl inlaid multicolored rings, will be the leading design in the side of the ring, highlights the Qianlong in the deep of meaning.


Olympic wind


2008 Beijing Olympic Games has attracted worldwide attention, the jewelry industry is also in its own way to celebrate. Especially Dragon Chinese elements, peony, Peking Opera, koi, Panda themed jewelry, no doubt led to the world of jewelry design new trend.replica Cartier jewelry wholesale Delphinium modeling Lucky Charm, from “Blessing China” series of limited edition by demantoid and tsavorite, diamonds composition, meaning “good news swallows.” Tai Chi also wishful series, its predecessor was created by Cartier in 1909, an elegant brooch. Hemispherical dome geometric patterns, white diamonds and black sapphires interpretation harmonious blend of yin and yang realm. replica cartier love bracelet Release panda ornaments, as well as a collection of charms disk flowers, Cuise, tassels and other elements of Chinese, black, silver, green color, is particularly elegant and noble. Mixed colorful gem symbolizes the Olympic spirit of hard work, during which the panda ornaments but also a symbol of solidarity between nations. Made from 18 carat white gold, black diamonds, rubies, green garnet, yellow sapphire inlaid on it, each color to show us enjoy this colorful world.


copy cartier bracelet Also launched a special Chinese special section Parentesi rose gold jewelry. Design inspiration from the same faux cartier love bracelet

Classics of the last century, which included more suitable for Asian wearing a narrow circle ring with the more delicate circular pendant necklace, with a soft spot for Chinese people’s precious rose gold with active dynamic Parentesi openwork pattern, with 08 Chinese fiery interpretation Italian passion, become a classic Parentesi elements and contemporary new interpretation.