Turquoise collection of what pay attention

Turquoise has been popular with the public, in recent years, due to the diminishing of resources, many collectors to look to the turquoise of this beautiful stone, making the original price Cartier love bracelet replica rise of turquoise nearly five years of the rally is very impressive; In the international market, the top blue porcelain pine can even and gold price.


Does turquoise have a collection value?


Turquoise has been popular with the public, in recent years, due to the diminishing of resources, many collectors to look to the turquoise of this beautiful stone, making the original price rise of turquoise nearly five years of the rally is very impressive; In the international market, the top blue porcelain pine can even and gold price.

With the pursuit of fashion beauty, for the turquoise fashion darling from the consumer hot spots, will be the most important consumer goods, can become the mainstream of the consumer market, one of the gems is understandable. Turquoise has a good collection of investment prospects, so it is worth the collection of potential stocks.

What are the points for the turquoise collection?


First, due to a wide variety of turquoise, the quality of large span, different grades of turquoise price disparity is also great, so whether it is optional or collection must be polished eyes.


Second, and many colored gemstones, the key elements of the decision value of turquoise mainly color, texture and size, the color is usually pure blue sky is better, uniform color, glossy soft, no brown wire for the top grade; Hard texture porcelain pine is better; In addition, the case of natural, beautiful wire mesh can also increase the value of turquoise collection.


Third, turquoise domestic prices do have a certain gap with the international price, so in the next period of time, turquoise price is inevitable, but need to be reminded that the turquoise market is still relatively chaotic, collection must be careful to buy.


What are the turquoise collections?


One, look at the color


It is particularly important to see whether turquoise has a collection value and color because the color is one of the key Cartier love ring replica elements that determine the potential for the appreciation of turquoise. High quality turquoise requires bright colors, exquisite designs, natural texture and no impurities, no sand, no Cracks and other defects.


Second, look at the shape


As turquoise carving is difficult, so a good process for the turquoise value of a lot, especially the unique shape, obviously different from ordinary turquoise works more appreciation potential.


Third, look at the texture


In the domestic collection market, turquoise generally according to the hardness of the size can be divided into four categories, namely porcelain pine, green pine, pine and loose wire loose. Porcelain pine is the hardest texture of the turquoise, because the break out of the shell-like shape, polished glossy texture are like porcelain, so named, usually the color is pure sky blue, turquoise in the top grade; Contains a black wire was reticular distribution, the surface was black turtles, textured or veiled pattern, as the performance of the pattern of natural, beautiful and unique, so the collection value is also higher.

Hetian jade collection of what pay attention to?


One, and Hetian type


The beauty of modeling is a concealment of the natural existence of jade. Natural and nephrite more or less there will be some small flaws, or the shape of the unsightly, and Zhuo Yu’s shape and decoration is just a means to cover up these defects, to better display the natural beauty of jade. Appearance, the proportion of proper jade, will give people a beauty to enjoy; the opposite crooked melon split dates still can not afford the test of time.

Craft, meaning the unique, smooth lines, the shape of jade is better able to get the majority of people love. One can achieve the collection level Hetian jade, the majority of both God-shaped, vivid, and even be able to bring the viewer into another realm.


Size, the main tangled in the pendant, there is a certain geographical differences. The pieces are not limited by size, and the grip is comfortable with one hand. The pendant is difficult to define, or it is determined by the individual’s opinion, but it is better to try to make a perfect ratio of jewelry and clothing and your body.


Second, the purity of Hetian jade


Clean is the second factor in the choice of products, try not to have impurities, cotton, candy, infection, stone (except clever). This is Cartier nail bracelet replica relatively easy to identify, for outdoor patience is difficult to find. It can not be avoided, and strive to positive or to the site has not been affected.


Third, Hetian jade color


The color should be as much as possible, although a bit difficult. White is best not boring, if not flashing on the perfect. Put the jade on the white paper, see the white is a very effective way. We do not have to go with the white paper, at least feel its true color. Bi’s green is the best people feel bright. In our cultural heritage, jade is always associated with white. The same case, the white is indeed more popular, so regardless of the sale, I think white or preferred. Playing skin color, try to choose clever color, white on the surface with Qiao color even better.


Four, and the density of Hetian


This is difficult to grasp, it is difficult to use words to describe. Generally with the side of the weak light to see the structure, said the structure is exaggerated, and only not see the structure (the market has this material). This point may be my less knowledge, but our players do not have to deliberately do such a high demand. Outdoor natural light can not see the internal structure, I think it can. Of course, the more delicate the better.

Hetian jade jewelry what to wear taboo?


One, often clean


Hetian jade jewelry wear finished, it is necessary to use a soft cloth and so gently wipe look at the other section will have to do it clean and maintenance, in the hot summer, clean even more frequent.


Second, anti-collision


Hetian jade jewelry hardness and toughness is not false, but also can not withstand the violent collision, in the huge impact force, the seed material either directly broken, or a dark lock, affecting the density of jade. In order to prevent such tragedy, you may wish to endanger the occasion of jade do not wear, pendant jade is also often check the structure is solid or not, so as not to fall off the fall.

Third, anti-high temperature


The law of thermal expansion and contraction is also suitable for Hetian jade jewelry, whether it is hot or approved to shrink, will lead to changes in the distance between the elements within the jade, thus affecting the structure of the compact.


Fourth, anti-corrosion


Hetian jade relatively taboo acid and alkali chemicals, daily life to avoid them, especially as perfume, cosmetics, soot, cleaning agents, etc. have chemical composition, the same to avoid.